Wednesday, December 30, 2009

About this project

An exercise in vanity? An act of any responsible citizen of a democracy? Writing to the President is far more about myself than President Obama or his policies, however, at a time in my life when I have never felt so insignificant, or so overcome by my own helplessness in the face of global and domestic problems that seem unending in complexity and in number, I feel that I must express myself and my views, even if these words never reach their intended audience.

Some notes about logistics:

These posts will all be sent to the President, handwritten, via US mail. While I feel that I am better at expressing myself on the keys of a computer, there is a distinct authenticity to the act of mailing a physical letter that I believe will encourage me to more carefully consider my words. They will begin January 1st, and continue through Dec. 31st, 2010.

These letters are merely my own thoughts, reactions and opinions, and will focus mainly on the speeches of the President and his written work. (I will begin reading Dreams From My Father on Jan. 1st.) I will include anecdotes of my own life and personal struggles, as they are relevant to the topics addressed.

This is intended to be a forum for my own discussion of foreign and domestic policies, and while I welcome comments, criticism, dissent and dissection, I will not tolerate threats or vulgarity of any kind directed at the President. This is not a place for the kind of discourse that incites, glorifies or in any way encourages violence towards any one.

Do I think that President Obama will read my letters or should read the rambling, inane words of any one able to lick a stamp? No, of course not. Like many blogs, this is self-serving, a way for me to voice my feelings in a more significant way than 140-character statements or tirades to my like-minded friends. Today is December 30. I have two days to prepare my thoughts, buy stamps, and purchase a copy of each of President Obama's books. I don't think I've ever committed to or followed through with anything of this magnitude. I'm the girl who joins the gym January 2nd and stops going right around March 1st. But I love my country, my President and my political beliefs, and if I cannot commit to that, than I may never commit to anything at all.