Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 204-HR 1553

Dear Mr. President,

What we absolutely need right now, more than anything, is a war between Israel and Iran. This is why I was so pleased to see House Republicans doing their legislative best to egg on the most hawkish elements on either side. Do the ramifications of their votes, the lives and blood and suffering that they are calling for ever occur to them? Or does it stay hidden, disguised in legislative language and washed out in clean black letters on clean white paper?

Like school boys crowding around two arguing fellows to scream "FIGHT!", these petty, small-minded individuals are playing politics with the kind of war that people of Iran (and, for that matter, much of Israel) live in constant fear of. It's disgusting and it is beneath even the House of Representatives, who, in their childishness, cannot claim that about very much, these days. While I am gratified to see that leveler heads are prevailing, at least at the DOD, I am still too afraid of the power of neoconservatives lusting after more Islamic blood. John Bolton, and every Republican signing on to this bill, ought to be made to spend one night as a civillian in a war zone before they ever call of that kind of violence with this kind of casual disregard for the consequences.

While I am optimistic in thinking that this bill will not make it to a general vote, I sincerely hope that, should it gain more traction, the White House will put its political influence to use and discourages any Democrats from supporting this awful piece of legislation. This is not what I elected my public servants to do. Mr. President, I understand that you cannot possibly dignify every republican spasm of absurdity that comes out of the House of Representatives with a response, but I hope that you will do what you can to see that this bill is not allowed to reflect the views of the government, or the people, of this country.

Respectfully yours,


Send your letter demanding that House Republican Leader John Boehner denounce the Iran War Resolution

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  1. "What we absolutely need right now, more than anything, is a war between Israel and Iran."

    Are you a fucking idiot?? I am assuming so by your sheer ignorance, do you work for AIPAC?? A sneak attack by israhell will start WWIII, is that what you want you fucking zionist whore? God will decide your fate but I hope you go to hell!

    A Real American

  2. Cameron, I know you're a "real" American, and clearly better at understanding the nuances and complexities of the English language than a fake American like me, but if you bother to read the rest of the post I think you'd see that I was using an old figure of speech called SARCASM. In case you are not familiar, this rhetorical device is employed to make a point by stating the opposite of the point, in order to highlight the absurdity.

    By the way, while we may actually agree on this issue, the language you use to personally attack some one you mistook for an opponent clearly demonstrates why those of us on the left get nowhere in this country. Maybe tone down the ridiculous a bit and people will take you more seriously.

    Thanks for reading! I hope you have a really nice day.

  3. Herein lies that sad proof and reality that a few on the left are as knuckle-dragging oblivious to anything but simplistic sound bytes as their rightist counterparts.

    ::hangs head in embarrassment and shame::

    Holy moly!

  4. I'm just curious if he read anything past her first sentence...