Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 18

Dear Mr. President,

This morning my family took me to breakfast. We were discussing Haiti, and one of my sisters got upset at the idea that Americans were given higher priority for rescue and medical care. I responded with some feeble defense of the hostilities that you would face from the public if we weren't doing everything we could to help the Americans, but her point that all lives have equal value was not lost on me.

Each day the stories get worse. Each day the photos grow more horrific. Today, I actually had some one ask me what all the fuss about Haiti was. I thought he was being appallingly insensitive until I realized he actually had no idea the earthquake had even occurred. How is that even possible? Sometimes we really do live up to worst stereotypes about Americans.

The Martha Coakley race has me worried. The economy has me worried. Haiti has me worried. But I'm stuck at work tonight, the front door lock is broken, and I'm unable to take the time to articulate any of these worries more clearly. This is not to complain- I just read a story about you on NPR that said your workday ends around 1am. So tonight, let me just say that I am sending you all of the good thoughts that I can and hoping things get better soon.

To end things on a more positive note, on e-bay right now, the Pat Robertson voodoo doll is up to $1200, with all the proceeds to benefit the relief effort in Haiti. I think this is the most reassuring thing I've ever seen on e-bay. Sometimes we make the stereotypes work, I suppose.

Respectfully yours,



I just noticed that the First Lady's birthday was yesterday. I wanted to send her my best wishes, from a fellow Capricorn.

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