Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 53

Dear Mr. President,

Today you released the health care compromise intended to reconcile the bills proposed by the House & the Senate. I'm writing today to bring to your attention the suffering caused by this issue, as so many reporters have bravely tried to mention to Mr. Gibbs, and so many courageous every day men and women with their own opinion shows on news networks bring up every time they talk about health care. Will our pleas fall on deaf ears, Mr. President, or will you finally bring the full weight of your office to free America from health care fatigue once and for all?

After all, every time you wake up one morning and decide to score easy political points by talking about health care, millions of Americans must suffer through tedious, often repetitious debates whenever they accidentally flip to news program between episodes of the The Bachelor. They have to hear the same sob stories of people they've never met, who suffer, go bankrupt and die because of our health care system. Innocent Americans have to know that this goes on, and quite frankly, Mr. President, they don't deserve to. Don't you see what you're doing to them, forcing them to have a vague sense that health care is being discussed again? Assaulting them 24 hours a day with bi-partisan meetings, press conferences, talking heads on TV insisting that we need reform.

I'm pretty tired of it, as well, to be honest, but I'm even more tired of not having access to health care. I'm way more tired of watching my friends and family struggle with medical bills. I'm downright exhausted with the rising number of Americans dying or suffering because they don't have access to affordable health care. I am SO tired of all of this, not because it's taking to long, (though it is,) but because we're still talking about this like it is an issue we can afford to pay less attention to. Anyway, Mr. President, I just wanted to say that those of us who need this reform bill to pass are not getting tired of the debate, we're not expecting things to change over night, and we really don't care how much we have to hear about it, so long as it gets done.

Respectfully yours,


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