Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 58

Dear Mr. President,

I think it is better, even if it is more frightening, to know that the tsunami is coming. To know that the shudder of tectonic plates half a world away is sending danger to your shore. The silent swell of water that does not rumble, like in the movies, but rushes in and out, consuming without motive or malice. I was up late, again, last night, and saw the headlines about an earthquake in Chile. When I woke up it seemed like I might have dreamed the whole thing, but it is too true. One coworker's family is convinced that this is another sign of the end times. Another has family in Hawaii, though mercifully not in the affected areas. We are all just waiting to see what will happen, what can be done to help.

It was reassuring to see you respond so quickly, so assuredly, to remind us that even what we cannot predict, we can respond to. It is humbling, how quickly my own priorities can seem so absurd. For now I will hope that the worst is over, and that the people of Chile are able to rescue and rebuild quickly.

Respectfully yours,


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