Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 56- high-five for health care!

Dear Mr. President,

I think the bipartisan summit went amazingly well. I hope that you are able to get enough votes to pass the reform, but if you can't, I think using reconciliation is a necessary and acceptable step. Republicans will cry that you're circumventing the appropriate process, using the majority rule to deprive them of their voice- but too bad for them. There is no reason they should need 41 votes for their legislative method (do nothing) and we should need 60 for ours. I'm sorry that their refusal to participate in governing has rendered them irrelevant, but the American people can't afford to wait any longer. If they wanted to participate in shaping the substance of the bill, they should have done so by today. That clearly hasn't happened, and so it's time to push the reform through by whatever means necessary.

I thought your manner today was entirely appropriate and effective. I am so proud to have voted for you, and I thank you for all of your service to the American people. Today's letter is short because I feel you said exactly what I wanted you to, exactly what the situation called for.

Way to go, sir, way to go.

Respectfully yours,


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