Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 73- Wha?

Dear Mr. President,

I'm shocked. I'm dumbfounded. The forces for transparency and justice seem to be winning! Secretary Clinton is upset, demanding answers. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is setting up a team to investigate this egregious offense. The scandal is all over the news.

No, it's not about the blockade of Gaza that's punishing 1.5 million people for the actions of a handful of militants. It's not about the arrests and attacks on peaceful protesters in Bil'in. It's not even about the illegal construction of 1600 Jewish-only settlements in East Jerusalem. This uproar is over the fact that the settlements were announced during Vice President Biden's visit to Israel. Wait, what? THAT is what we're upset about? THAT is what PM Netanyahu is asking a team to investigate? The timing of the announcement.

Mr. President, please tell me we are all still grown-ups. Who cares if VP Biden was there when it was announced? Would it have been any less awful if he hadn't been? Why are we mustering so much outrage over the impoliteness of this and not the injustice? Forgive me if this letter is just a series of questions, sir, as I am so appalled by the pettiness of my own government that I can't muster an articulate statement about this. This is like being invited to feast on poisoned food and complaining that we weren't given the right dinner fork. Excuse my bluntness, sir, but we pay for them to violate international law, and then cover for them at the UN when it gets ugly- are we really going to cry foul because they dare do it in our presence?

Respectfully yours in utter disbelief,


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