Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 78

Dear Mr. President,

In today's New York Times, you're called "Barack the Unbreakable." I was so relieved to see this opinion piece, a writer willing to defy the standard narrative to point out the inconvenient reality- your poll numbers might be down, but they could be a lot worse. You're still perceived as more genuine than pretty much any other politician, and that's not without good reason. The American people understand that you're fighting so hard for health care because you believe it is the right thing to do. I think, when it passes, many of the unconvinced will be persuaded that this was the right issue to fight for.

As the votes in the house turn, as representatives begin to vote their conscience and not their self-interest, it's becoming clear that your confidence is the driving force behind the health care reform. Once it is passed, and the world does not end, we do not succumb to Stalinism and suffering, once the American people see that they've been lied to by conservatives seeking to protect powerful insurance interests, I hope that your poll numbers do go up. That being said, even if they bottom out, even if we lose the midterms and the white house in 2012, I will still be proud to have voted for you, Mr. President. Thank you for all you have done to prove that the presidency is about so much more than one's popularity.

Respectfully yours,


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