Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 84- Rob McKenna does not speak for me

Dear Mr. President,

My state's attorney general is joining the ranks of those filing law suits against the health care reform legislation. I apologize on his behalf. He does not represent me, (or, for that matter, most of the voters in my state,) and if the law suit isn't dropped, I can assure you that Washington State voters will not let him forget it, come 2012.

Today I took a class as part of my training at my new job. We went around the room discussing our reasons for joining the company, and most said that they were doing it for the health insurance. Our company is one of the few that elects to give part-time employees health benefits, but many in my state are not so fortunate. We'll benefit from health care reform in a number of ways, and to have our attorney general join the suit against the legislation is truly disappointing, (not to mention an unconscionable waste of our time & tax dollars.) I hope that Mr. McKenna appreciates just how much this is going to finish his career.

For health care opponents campaigning to repeal the legislation, I share the sentiments you expressed today in Iowa; they want to give insurance companies back the right to deny children with preexisting conditions and raise taxes on small businesses? They should go right ahead. I just can't wait to see the ads coming out of this. I don't think I've ever been so excited for midterm elections. I am not afraid, if other democrats will get out the vote this year, like we did in 2006, we can defend our majority well. Furthermore, we can show those elected officials like Mr. Mckenna why speaking for their constituents is an important part of job security.

Respectfully yours,


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